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Are you interested in pursuing a path to tiny living? There are many reasons to join the tiny/small house movement, but the path to getting there could be overwhelming. Rather than spending endless hours of research on the internet, we can help with:

  • Resources to help you on your path to tiny living
  • Suggestions on tiny house design and layout
  • How to navigate zoning and working with city officials
  • Tiny house design for chemical sensitivity & handicap accessibility


A consultation will get you a one-on-one interaction with Vina Lustado via phone. She will answer any and all questions you have about Tiny Houses. If you are just starting out with Tiny Houses, and are looking for answers to many general questions (such as where to park, how do you start, where do you find a support group), then we suggest a 60-min consultation. For those looking for very specific questions (such as what’s the best way to design the house, what materials to use, how to work with city officials?) then the 30min consultation may be the way to go.

In order for this to be an effective conversation, we ask that you answer these initial questions:

  • Why are you interested in a consultation?
  • What specific concern do you have? Is it about tiny houses, or another type of project?
  • If your questions are about tiny houses: Are you dreaming tiny, planning tiny, or building tiny?
  • What do you want to get out of the consultation?

This will help focus the conversation to your particular need. Please send back the responses via email prior to your appointment time.

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